Thursday, January 28, 2016

Who created Trump?

Who created Donald Trump?

God. God created Donald Trump.  This is something no one should ever forget. God brought him in to being; God allowed the Donald to be so influential in this current political environment.  This is catechism 101.  

Yet, God works through human means and free decisions, so how do we explain this Trump phenomenon? 

One could go insane trying to navigate through the mind and life history of the man, but some things are so apparent that they are missed by the casual observer. One might add that the casual observer is more than likely a Trump supporter.  He sounds strong and bold and nation-changing, but is that true?  Yes.  It is true.  If he’s nominated, the nation would be changed, for we would see a top-tier celebrity candidate be within reach of the presidency.  We have already had a second-rate celebrity take that office; having a top-tier celebrity obtain that position would be. . . well, let’s not delve into apocalyptic talk.

But one thing is certainly true, apart from the providence of the Almighty, and that is the fact that the Republican Party is responsible for Donald Trump. As much as the “establishment” decries Trump’s rantings at their lack of vision, and apart from the appeals that establishment spokesmen have made to the Donald (in fear of a Ted Cruz candidacy) in these latter days before the Iowa caucuses, we cannot fail to note that back in 2012, every single presidential candidate (was there one who did not?  Maybe Ron Paul?) kissed the ring of the Donald at Trump Tower.  Why wouldn’t he think he was God’s gift to the GOP?

I’ve been involved and interested in presidential politics since I was 5 1/2 years old and heard that George McGovern wanted children to go to government school 12 months every year.  I remember clearly decrying this assault on liberty and freedom when I had only been in school for a little over a month (1972!).  I have followed these elections ever since, and so I think I have some experience in the matter.

Trump was the kingmaker back in 2012.  They all felt obliged to ascend to the throne and ask for a blessing from the Pontiff of Endorsements. I found that very strange then, and see its fruit now. 

You see, I remember despising Trump back in 1999, when he had his interview with Tim Russert, and declared himself “very pro-choice”.  Despise him? Of course!  How does one not despise a man (or woman) who thinks it is “okay” or “legal” to cut the brains out of an unborn baby? Such a man deserves no support from even the lamest conservative, despite what position he takes on immigration or trade.  As one of my professors used to say, about those who claim to be “pro-choice”, and thus for abortion:  “If you don’t know that, what else don’t you know?”

But the blame for the rise of Trump lies squarely on the heads of the GOP who were too insecure in their (lack of) convictions to think that this man’s blessing was necessary to ascend to prominence in the polls.  The monster who is Trump was built from the wreckage of the GOP’s advancement of such dinosaurs as Dole and McCain, and the shiny new “severe” conservatives like Romney.  It was fed by the weakened “Abby Normal” brainlessness of Sarah Palin (whose endorsement sounded better on SNL than in its actual happening). And what the heck happened to Ann Coulter? She stood for something once; now she. . . well.  I don’t pay attention anymore.

Nevertheless, Trump’s rise is directly connected to a GOP party that thought it could go head-to-head against the Democrats at their same game of personality over politics.  Whatever whining or praising that arises from the GOP about this shameless man’s so-called popularity, the impact he has had is directly related to the wimpyness of the so-called leaders of the GOP.  They made this man. They rejected him at first; now they run to his shadow.  It’s shameless, but I bet they will not be so amused when he eats them alive at a banquet hosted by Mr. Trump’s best friends, Mrs Pelosi, Mr. Reid and Chucky Schumer.